Virtual Skipper 5: 32nd America's Cup Playing and Pics

Virtual Skipper 5: 32nd America's Cup Testing, I think it's a ocean verion of Test Driver Unlimited. Virtual Skipper 5: 32nd America's Cup is protected by Starforce4.


Playing Spider Man 3 PC Game

It has fairly good indoor scene, but once you come out to outdoor, you will be disppointed. The fps is restricted to 30fps. My test platform is Athlon 64 3000+ (280x9) , nforce4, 1.5GB DDR400, x1900GT(default clock).

Radeon HD 2900XT Official Tests Result

Ocfantasy brings the AMD ATI officiall test slide of Radeon HD 2900XT and Crossfire. Please pay attention to the dx10 test of Call Of Jauze with a dx10 patch.


Radeon HD 2900XT Slide

Today hardware forum CHIPHELL bring us a Radeon HD 2900XT slide. Please pay attention to the number of texture units. It's certainly 16 units. But I don't think texture units will play a vip role in latest pc games, such as Rainbow Six: Vegas and so on. Anyway R600 use a damn good 4:1 architecture compared with 3:1 in R580 series.

Three Gorgeous Pics of Radeon HD 2900XT

Hardware forum CHIPHELL brought three gorgeous pics of Radeon HD 2900XT which will be announced at 5/2 according to VR-ZONE.


CAPCOM DX10 Title: Lost Planet Tries Out

The editors in pcgames.de have a chance to try out the dx10 title “Lost Planet” with 2 demo levels.

The try out run on Windows Vista with DirectX 10 API, Athlon 64 5000+, 2GB ram. Because there’s no ATI DX10 graphic card, they used a GeForce 8800GTX graphic card for the try out. Lost Planet demo runs on 1280x1024 resolutions with 4xFSAA. Despite of some furious fighting scenes, they estimated the average speed is at 25fps.

CAPCOM will release DX9 and DX10 demo of Lost Planet in May. The retail version of Lost Planet will show up at June, or maybe delayed to July due to the difficulty of dev DX10 version of Lost Planet.

Click to see more pics in CHIPHELL Forum.


Sapphire Radeon HD 2900XT on sale now

from fudzilla, Sapphire Radeon HD 2900XT on sale now, but through pre-order. You can pre-order it with €380. But I'm sure AMD and ATI will take care of this pre-order by cancellation.

GeForce 8800 Ultra will smash Radeon HD 2900XTX?

from fudzilla by "mouth": GeForce 8800 Ultra get 14000 scores in 3DMARK06 with no detail of test platform and no driver detail.

from dailytech by "hand": Radeon HD 2900XT get 14005 scores in 3DMARK06 with full detail of test platform and driver detiail.

Can GeForce 8800 Ultra smash Radoen HD 2900XTX?

HD 2900XT 3DMark06 14005 scores!

Anandtech test guys have tested the oc capability of AMDATI's Radeon HD 2900XT. The result is very promising. See more detail.

Congratulation! AMD ATI and all perseverance ATI fans in CHIPHELL and around the globe.

Radeon 2900XTX HD arriving Anandtech for testing

Kristopher Kubick, the editor in chief of Dailytech belonging to Anandtech disclosed that the flagship of AMD ATI’s new generation DirectX 10 Graphics products -Radoen HD 2900 XTX would arrive Anandtech test center for evaluating in two hours. Anandtech has received Radeon HD 2900XT for evaluating days ago.

In addition, according to anonymous source, AMD ATI R600 Series evaluation NDA will be lift on May 14, Dailytech also said that AMD ATI would announce Radoen HD 2900 XTX first, then and only then can the Radeon HD 2900XT HD, HD 2600 and HD 2400 series come out. It seems that the rumor cooked up from gdphk of Radoen HD 2900 XTX being postponed to the third quarter collapse.

--Dailytech:AMD plans to launch a completely new DirectX 10 lineup with the flagship ATI Radeon HD 2900 XTX. Other models such as the Radeon HD 2900 XT, Radeon HD 2600-series and Radeon HD 2400-series will also join AMD’s DirectX 10 family after the initial high-end launches.


Radeon HD 2600XT Runs at 800/2200MHz

AMD ATI will show Radeon HD 2000 series graphic cards at Tunis today. But now it's said that the mainstream DX10 warrior from AMD ATI would run at 800MHz core speed and 2200MHz video ram speed. But 128-bit GDDR4 may hurt its performance under 16x 12 resolutions with AA and AF on. See more detail.

Thanks kenofstephen for providing the Radeon HD 2600XT picture


The Metal Cover of GeForce 8800 Ultra Fan

The Metal Cover of GeForce 8800 Ultra fan,It reminds me of Prison Break.


Four New Maps Screenshoots of QuakeWars

Four new maps screenshots of Enemy Territory: Quake Wars were shown on quakewarscenter. These four new maps screenshots came from Refinery, Sewer, Ark and Valley maps.

You can check all four new maps screenshots of Enemy Territory at quakewarscenter.

NVIDIA: We Don't have GeForce 8800 GS

Some reports yesterday suggested GeForce 8800 GS from NVIDIA with 64sp and 256-bit video ram. But today Guru3d said they were told by NVIDIA there's no GeForce 8800 GS in the graphiczilla's blueprint.

Characters of "GeForce 8800 GS" shown in Forceware 158 files were only typo.

You can check the original report below:

GeForce 8800 Ultra With 0.8ns GDDR3

Heard from anonymous source, GeForce 8800 Ultra will be annouced at 5/1, and you can buy it at 5/15. This monster will use 0.8ns GDDR3 video ram from samsung. Core and ram speed have not been decided yet, anything else should be same as GeForce 8800 GTX. Does this mean GeForce 8800 Ultra's ram speed up to 2.4GHz or 2.5GHz? Wait and see.

Radeon HD 2600XT VS. GeForce 8600 GTS in NFS: Carbon

Don’t be fooled by 3DMARK06Let’s rock the two guys in Need For Speed: Carbon!

1/ E6700+GeForce 8600 GTS from cho, default clock Setting, level of Detail: High

2/1/ E6700+GeForce 8600 GTS from cho, default clock Setting, level of Detail : MAX

3/E6600+ Radeon HD 2600XT from kenofstephen, default clock Setting, level of Detail : MAX

Cho and kenofstephen, Thank you for your fighting Tests.

R700 Starts

Heard from an anonymous source close to ATI, ATI now begins to design R700 graphic chip. Does this mean R650 is simply a 65nm refresh of R600 and ATI canceled R680? Anyway, I bet R700 still a 65nm product and will show up 1 year later from now on.